Starting a Blog with the October Vacation. (Stuff I would otherwise just post to facebook)

Taking advantage of my vacation time to get caught up on my website and blogs (which currently are epically neglected cobweb zones). I’d originally thought of creating separate blogs for my personal blog/journal, my recipes, and my gardening, but the scale of THAT project is attainable only if I 1) win the powerball and 2) stop having a life outside of blog maintenance. Plan B is to scale down to two blogs: Coyote Codebits (my technical blog) and Coyote Life (this blog, AKA my alternate /companion to facebook).

Also getting caught up a bit on the garden harvest, cooking and recipe updates, exercise…. Life is good. 🙂

Putting it here because I’ve found that while facebook is wonderful for connecting to friends and family, it is just terrible for journal-ing, or even just looking back to see what has been going on (I am yet another who is not enormously thrilled with navigating the timeline).

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