Coyote’s Crab in a Can Spinach Dip

This recipe happened because all the recipes I found online for crab dip involved cream cheese and mayonnaise. I had yogurt, but no cream cheese…..

1 6oz can crabmeat drained
1 can tiny shrimp 4 oz, drained
1 16oz container Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt (ok to substitute sour cream if Greek Yogurt grosses you out).
1 package frozen spinach: thawed, drained, with excess water squeezed out.

Several good shakes of worstershire sauce (be fearless).
Several good shakes of fish sauce (remain fearless).
Old Bay blackened seasoning to taste (I went about 8 shakes).
Crushed red pepper to taste
Approx tsp sweet relish (the stuff you put on hot dogs).

Mix everything together. It’s probably better if you let it sit in the fridge overnight, but I couldn’t wait that long. Wonderful with crackers, tortilla chips, or anything else to give it a context.

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