Topics to Write About

A running list of topics to write about

Annual Update – Trends & Best Practice Changes

Design Trends

  • Header Area
  • Footers
  • Hero
  • Color
  • Imagery
  • Interactivity
  • Animation
    • Gif Animations
    • Cinemagraphs
    • CSS animations
    • Slideshow effects

Content Trends

  • Engagement Content in Emails
  • Sherwin Williams – entire hero links to Pinterest Board for inspiration
  • Evernote – Productivity resources (How to get the most out of our product)
  • Spring Hill – Plan for the future: Buy our trees. (Ties back to a talk on marketing in which the point was made that “People don’t buy a power drill; they hire one to make a hole so that they can hang a picture in order to honor their family”).

Email Idea Bank 

  • snippets and examples of good stuff and trends, why I like them
  • Inbox Finds and Examples

Email Code

  • Hacks
  • General coding technique
  • Modular code development
  • Code Snippets

Best Practice

  • Accessibility
  • Alt Tags

Links and BlogRoll

  • Email on Acid: interactive white paper