Coyote Holmberg

Visual Artist

Art That Inspires

Evocative Art that brings together inner vision, poetry, and enigmatic imagery to reveal and express a magickal experience.


78 images that bring together and reinterpret the motifs and meanings of the traditional tarot.

Tarot Cards and Decks

Digital Photo-Collage

Fragments of poetry, phrases from news stories, and snippets of conversations half heard evoke images of mystery and subtle magics.

Oracle Cards

Digital Photo-Collage

Imagery that draws from mythopoetic experience of life, with mysteries and symbolism inspired by the earliest creative works of our distant ancestors.

ACEO / Art Cards - Miniature Art

Various media

Articles, Musings, Poetry, and Passing Thoughts… Explorations of my creative process, interpretations of the mysteries, and notes from my reading and studies. Anything goes. 


Blog, Journal and Articles