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The Radiant Sourcerer tarot deck is available for sale on my storefront on DriveThruCards. My additional tarot and oracle card projects are still works-in-progress. Follow me on Facebook for images, updates, and availability on these and my other art!

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Proof Copies of Individual Cards

Proof copies, also known as publisher’s proofs, are artists early test printings of various cards used to ensure that the artwork appears as intended once in print. Because they are designed on a computer monitor the colors may vary from what I wanted, or I may decide that a particular element needs to be adjusted once I see it in print. I do at least one and sometimes several proof prints of my cards. Many cards are fine as is, while others may need minor adjustments before I am satisfied with them. On occasion, I have also decided not to use a card at all, in which case it is discontinued. For these early edition proof cards, the copies available are what remains for each proof. Once they are gone, they will not be reprinted.

I have proof copies of a selection of individual cards from my current and upcoming decks still available.  I am selling these for $2 USD each (shipping included) in the continental USA.

Contact me with your email and shipping address if interested.

I do not have a store set up, so the easiest way to contact me for a purchase is via email or by reaching out to me on Facebook.

Art Purchases: Acrylics, Watercolor, and Pen & Ink Paintings and Drawings

Contact me for price information if you are interested in purchasing any of the additional art I have shared on this site.

I am not accepting commissions at this time.


I accept payment via Venmo or PayPal.

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