Early Works: Web Design



Coyote Creation

Designed in 2018, Coyote Creation was my original site for showcasing and selling my art, especially my tarot and oracle card/deck projects. I’m in the process of consolidating and moving the content from that site to this site, CoyoteHolmberg.com

Screenshot showing the Buckland Museum website optimized for responsive layout on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

iFeatured Project

The Buckland Museum

The museum needed a complete website redesign, as their existing website was outdated and difficult to maintain. This extensive site includes API integration for online ticketing & reservations and an events calendar, photo and video galleries, and a WooCommerce store. The site is designed so that the museum staff can update it regularly with museum news, educational content, and upcoming events.

The museum owners specifically asked that I include the “Witch’s Mill” photo in the design. I took color inspiration from one of their permanent displays and included playful elements like the wizard hat icon to call out to their inclusion of pop-culture kitsch in their exhibits.

Little Britain Stables

An equestrian site designed to showcase the offerings and expertise of a horse ranch offering riding lessons, themed parties, and other services. A key requirement was to create a visually compelling and SEO ready site that would enable this 50+ year old ranch to stand out from new startup competitors in the region.

*This site and domain no longer exist.

Ohio Kitchen Garden

This cooking and gardening blog was live through 2023, with a focus on “growing what you eat”, vegetable gardening, edible landscaping, permaculture, and backyard micro-farming. The content from Ohio Kitchen Garden is being moved to a section of this site, CoyoteHolmberg.com

*This site and domain no longer exist.

The Witcher World

This award-winning gaming fansite was hand coded in PHP / HTML / CSS / XML. The design was inspired by cheesy tabloid news sites (as was much of the content). The website won an international web design competition and was recognized as an official “silver” level fansite by the original game company. 

Projects and Publications



“Email Markup That Doesn’t Explode in the Inbox”, Thinking Web: Voices of the Community, SitePoint Books.


Email Markup Sample Code

Mobile Optimized Modular Email Template File

This code dates to 2019 when I was employed as an email developer at American Greetings.

This code sample is the Mobile Optimized Modular Email Template (MOMET) that I created for rapid development of standardized dynamic emails. It contains code snippets for each content element that was used across the emails. Basic snippets include a variety of linked images, pre-formatted and styled headline and copy text, along with text-based buttons. Additional code snippets maintained in this file include custom script-driven personalization modules and dynamic content such as abandon cart, reminders, and a loyalty program module. This and the Minimalist email template was set up to be used on SalesForce Marketing Cloud and includes custom ampscript with send logging, unique and descriptive aliases on all links, and ampscript variables for personalization.

View the Modular Email Template HTML/CSS/Ampscript code file here:


View the Full sized Mock/image for the template here.



I used Techsini’s Multi Device Website Mockup Generator tool to create the preview images you see here for my websites.  (no affiliate, just giving a shoutout for a great tool).