These are a few of the trees and shrubs I added to our yard in 2019. All but the bayberries produce edible fruit and provide food and habitat for birds. (A few didn’t make it, but that’s more due to things like the deer eating them before they got big enough, not any issue with the plant itself).

Most were purchased from No affiliation, just giving them a note because I had a good experience and would buy from them again.

Saskatoon Serviceberry Tree

This is a large shrub or small tree. Size reports vary. Mature trees can reach up to 15 to 30 feet  high by 8 to 15 feet wide.

Plant with 12-18 feet between rows and 3 feet between plants. Roots need at least 24 inches of depth. Doesn’t mind wet feet. Keep young plants well weeded.

Prune only dead, damaged or diseased stems within the first three years. After that, prune to keep the bush open for light and air movement. Replace all the fruiting wood over the course of every 3-4 years. The best fruit production usually occurs on vigorous 2 to 4 year-old stems.

Northern Bayberry Shrub

Bayberry can grow to 5 to 9 feet high and wide. Keep well weeded as it does not compete well. It is nitrogen fixing so can grow in poor soil. They are deer resistant and slow growing.

The white waxy coating on the berries are used for candle making.

American Cranberry Bush

Grows 8′-12′ high and wide. Grows best in well-drained, moist soil with partial shade to full sun. Berries can be used like cranberries.

Sassafras Tree

Plant in full sun or partial shade.  Prefers moist, acidic, well-drained soil. Remove any shoots that develop if you want a single-trunk tree.

Medium to fast growth pace. Mature tree is 30’–60′ tall with a 25’–40′ spread.

Fragrant ornamental tree. Bark and roots can be used to make sassafras tea.

Cherry Plum Tree

Mature tree can reach 25–40 feet tall.

Purchased from

Dwarf everbearing mulberry.

I bought these in 2018, but planted them in large grow bags, a they were small and the spot I want to plant them was not yet ready. (Still full of poison ivy and weeds). Looks like I might have bought a zone 7 variety. If they made it through this past brutally cold winter I will plant them in the shallow swale on the north side of the house.

(Morus nigra) Morus nigra is a medium size black mulberry.  Mature height is six to eight feet in the ground. However, this may not b morus nigra. so, could be up  to 15 feet.

Western Sand Cherry

Purchased from Marcs (a local discount grocery store).

The western sand cherry shrub grows to 6′ high by 6′ wide.

The berries can be eaten fresh, dried, or made into jams and pies.

Nanking Cherry

The nanking cherry shrub grows to 6–10′ high with a spread of 15 feet. The tart cherries can be eaten fresh or used for pies  and jams.